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IoT Microservices - Realizing the Vision of the X Internet An explosive combination of technology trends will be where ‘microservices’ and the Internet of Things intersect, a concept we can describe by comparing it with a previous theme, the ‘X Internet.' Agile Cloud Development: Microservices and Containers The idea of using small self-contained application components has been popular since XML Web services began and a distributed computing future of smart fridges and kettles was imagined long back in the early Internet years. However since the modern day technology giants like Netflix began making use ‘microservices’ they have quickly become the hottest topic for Cloud thought leaders, alongside ‘container’ technologies like Docker. JavaWorld proposes 2015 will be the year of microservices, nothing that “microservices poster child, Netfilx, also uses AWS – in other w... (more)

The Era of the IoT On-Demand Economy | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Harnessing Digital Disruption in the Era of the IoT On-Demand Economy Here is the presentation I gave to the Business IT networking forum in Riga last week. The presentation describes the emergence of the On Demand Economy, how new super-scale ventures like Uber taxis, Airbnb and others are transforming the fundamental operating models for corporations and consequently destroying the competition in the industries they are disrupting. They do so by leveraging the peer to peer model, cultivating marketplace models for dynamically matching demand and supply. This was part of a week ... (more)

Nike’s Wearables Journey Through Microservices | @ThingsExpo [#IoT #Microservices]

Nike’s Journey to Microservices – Getting to Production Fast Nike is an organization that understands the shift described by Michael Porter, to a third generation of competitive advantage where technology becomes an integral part of product value. Fitness is a key area where IoT wearable technologies combined with new apps will become differentiating factors that influence which new sports shoes and clothes we buy. Code red It's therefore essential that the corporate IT team recognizes and keeps up with this shift, and how Nike is doing so is described in this video of their p... (more)

Will the Singularity Emerge from the Internet of Things? | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

By Neil McEvoy The concept of the ‘technological Singularity’ often refers to a single machine AI, like IBM’s Watson, but another popular theory is one of ‘swarm intelligence’, where instead the AI is the result of lots of small machines forming into a larger virtual self. The Conscious Web Back in 2003 I wrote an article that described the forthcoming evolution of the Cloud, and with it the development towards the SIngularity. The growing use of XML Web services would see them evolve to become intelligent agents, forming the basis for this collective. This would fit well with t... (more)

Does Canada Already Have a Green G-Cloud?

One of the most important aspects of Cloud computing is the potential it offers for "BRE" - Business Retention and Expansion. These are the government programs concerned with economic development at a local level : Attracting new businesses, helping existing ones grow, and so on. For example amongst many others Ontario, the City of Surrey and Newfoundland each have one. More specifically, there are a number of trends that are growth opportunities in their own right, but it's their combination that offers a multiplying effect for local economic development. Cloud computing - This... (more)