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Charting the Cloud industry landscape we can see a number of principle categories of suppliers, ranging from Amazon dominating what is mainly the enterprise web hosting market, i.e. high-volume web applications, typically purchased by the developer directly for that single application, across to IBM, Fujitsu et al who service the multi-million dollar traditional IT outsourcing contracts signed by the CIO, down to the myriad of smaller players who position as Cloud hosting providers but really the bulk of their business is co-location and simple managed services, usually purchased by the IT infrastructure team. Hybrid Cloud Outsourcing The intersection of the three is a super-hot sweet spot that can be described as Hybrid Cloud Outsourcing, and has been the main category I have been tracking development of because I believe it will usher in a second main phase of gr... (more)

Domain 2.0 – How SDN will provide a service platform for the Internet of Things

in their roadmap document: AT&T Domain 2.0 Vision White Paper, the giant telco provider lays out their vision for the future of telecomms, SDN: Software Defined Networking, and how it will transition to a Cloud-centric model to enable more agile service development for key markets like the Internet of Things. Cloud Convergence One of the critical aspects of the evolving IoT is that the proliferation of devices will drive an explosion of network traffic, as the ‘M2M – Machine to Machine’ communications takes place to exchange masses of big data in real time. Not only will this v... (more)

The Evolution of Single Sign-on

By Paul Madsen, senior technical architect The concept of single sign-on (SSO) is not a new one, and over the years it has successfully bridged the gap between security and productivity for organizations all over the globe. Allowing users to authenticate once to gain access to enterprise applications improves access security and user productivity by reducing the need for passwords. In the days of mainframes, SSO was used to help maintain productivity and security from inside the protection of firewalls. As organizations moved to custom-built authentication systems in the 1990’s... (more)

Introducing the 'Shamrock Cloud'

As the impact of cloud technology becomes better understood and really takes hold, organizations will need to restructure themselves to ensure they are able to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them and as a result stay relevant and alive. But to understand the impact of the future we need take a look back at some vital thinking that took place in the late 1980s: “we are entering an age of unreason, a time when the future in so many areas, is to be shaped by us and for us; a time when the only prediction that will hold true is that no prediction will hold true... (more)

How Cloud Is the Zipcar of Computing

At a pre-conference Meetup recently, one of the organizers waxed poetic about how the cloud is changing how companies do business.  His big example was ZipCar, the car sharing company. His example was how Zipcar uses cloud to deal with data. But, I think he missed the bigger analogy there: how cloud is changing IT the way Zip car forever changed car ownership. Photo credit: Zipcar Mediaroom. What up, CFT headquarters in the background Before Zipcar, a few large firms dominated the car buying market. If you wanted a car you went to a dealership and negotiated a long term contract. ... (more)