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In this presentation Gigaspaces provide an excellent introduction to the open standard TOSCA, and the role it plays in enabling Cloud ‘orchestration’. A key first point to highlight is the critical role Cloud orchestration capabilities [...] The post Enterprise Cloud Maturi...
The primary purpose of our new Enterprise Cloud ebook is to provide a supporting resource for the ECMM – Enterprise Cloud Maturity Model. As IT World Canada reports about the model, it’s intended for organizations [...] The post Enterprise Cloud Maturity – How do you ...
The Platform ebook provides ongoing coverage of the ‘Platform Business Model’, including its key design features as well as industry examples of its adoption. This sub-topic will look at how the model can transform public [...] The post Platform Marketplaces – Transfo...
Cloud Solution Design can mostly simply be thought of as a process of “XaaS Mapping”, refering to identifying which particular type of Cloud service might be the best fit for your particular business requirement(s). As [...] The post Cloud Solution Design: XaaS Mapping appe...
Mike described the overlay of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data across the traditional legacy of hardware, software and telco services, constituting the ‘Third Platform' and beginning around 2006. He highlighted the general explosion of the technology innovation ecosystem, everything...
The Platform Business Model is mostly referenced in terms of exciting new peer to peer business models, like Uber Taxis and Airbnb. However a critical aspect of the model and its technical design is that [...] The post BT: Platform Architecture for Enterprise Data Centre Consolidation ...
The white paper from Bain: Distributed Ledgers in Payments: Beyond the Bitcoin Hype, is an excellent primer for the trend. Key quote: Retail banks stand to lose their privileged position with customers and face much [...] The post Bain: Distributed Ledgers in Payments: Beyond the Bitco...
By Katherine Gerweck, writing on behalf of skysync.com Whether it’s big or small, a business needs a safe place to store its files. While in the past this could be accomplished with an on-premise server, [...] The post Enterprise Storage Options: On Premise vs Cloud appeared first on C...
Our new upcoming ebook is the ‘Microservices Cookbook'. This will provide a general introduction to the new software design model known as ‘Microservices,' provide a Platform design for their implementation, and describe a number of ‘recipe' scenarios for how they might be applied. A...
An overall theme of Cloud computing and the specific practices within it is fundamentally one of automation. The core value of technology is to continually automate low level procedures to free up people to work [...] The post Containers as a platform for Autonomic Computing appeared f...
Chief Digital Officer Our upcoming Digital CIO Agenda ebook is intended for senior technology VPs focused on developing disruptive industry strategies, and learning about the [...] The post Platform – Agenda for the Digital CIO appeared first on CBPN.
Cloud Native is the new term that Google, VMware, SAP and many others are using to describe a Netflix-inspired technology evolution to a microservices architecture and [...] The post Going Cloud Native – Harnessing Microservices and DevOps to Transform your Digital Organization a...
EBook This ebook provides an executive introduction into Business Architecture (BA) best practices, and how they can be leveraged quickly to drive Digital Transformation strategies. [...] The post Digital Business Architecture – From Canvas to Blueprint appeared first on CBPN.
The intersection of microservices and identity architecture. The post Microservices and Identity: Stormpath appeared first on CBPN.
Radical Agility One of the primary goals of our upcoming ‘Microservices Cookbook’ is a focus on real world deployment. As a new technology trend microservices [...] The post E-Commerce Microservices – Harnessing Next Generation ERP appeared first on CBPN.
DevOps Integration Hub As Tasktop suggest in their blog one of the key bottlenecks constricting the throughput of DevOps teams is the lack of integration between the [...] The post DevOps Integration Hub: Platform for ‘DevOps Recipes’ appeared first on CBPN.
An introduction to the CBPN Solution Channel Program. The post The CBPN Solutions Channel – A ‘Solutions Recipe’ approach to building the Cloud Channel appeared first on CBPN.
Hand in hand with launching a new site feature – ‘Solution Recipes’, we’ve started on a new accompanying ebook: “The Microservices Cookbook – A Platform [...] The post Wanted: Recipes for the Microservices Cookbook appeared first on CBPN.
ADOP – Accenture DevOps Platform Described in this blog is the news Accenture open sourced their own DevOps design and tool set, and also an [...] The post Accenture: Open Source DevOps Platform appeared first on CBPN.
Recently I’ve upgraded this CBPN web portal with a number of additional Cloud tools, most notably a Github implementation and Aha.io for PLM, integrating the [...] The post Enterprise Best Practices – Github is the new groupware appeared first on CBPN.
Over five years ago New York City pioneered the concept of the Digital City, publishing a tech roadmap laying out their plan for realizing their vision [...] The post New York City – Social Democracy Roadmap for the Digital City appeared first on CBPN.
Social Operating Systems Another headline Smart City presentation at TMF Live was from Dr Jonathan Reichental, CIO for the City of Palo Alto, entitled: Creating [...] The post Building Social Operating Systems for Digital Cities appeared first on CBPN.
Recently I profiled Milton Keynes as an exemplar Cloud case study for a Smart City blueprint. Another awesome case study that builds upon this scenario [...] The post Agile Fractal Grid – Smart Grid Blueprint appeared first on CBPN.
NFVaaS DevOps Transformation A headline theme of NFVaaS is one not about technology but about organizational transformation, shifting to the ‘DevOps’ mode of IT delivery, [...]
An especially powerful aspect of the TM Forum is their ‘Catalyst Projects’, a portfolio of prototype focused projects that set out to identify and solve [...]
Building the NFVaaS Ecosystem One easy way to visualize the intended end results of the innovation work of industry projects like the TMF’s ‘ZOOM‘ initiative, [...]
Our efforts to develop an industry roadmap for NFVaaS includes direct participation in the relevant industry forums, in particular the TM Forum’s project to ‘Build [...]
Our analysis of AT&T’s SDN and Cloud strategy sets the scene for the recent moves of one of the industry’s major players – Gigaspaces. Their Cloudify product is [...]
A question that’s likely to arise for many considering implementing a Business Architecture practice is how it might relate to their existing skills and artifact [...]
Providing an executive summary of Business Architecture best practices, through describing the journey of ‘Canvas to Blueprint’, is easy to do because there are already [...]
Bringing Agile to the Whole Organization One of my principle goals with this content is captured in this HBR article ‘Bringing Agile to the Whole Organization‘, which is to [...]
From Canvas to Blueprint Business Architecture is a set of best practices defined by organizations like the OMG and the Business Architecture Guild, that provide a [...]
As the Enterprise Irregulars discuss in this blog the Cloud Native model is underpinned by early maturity model work. Cloud Aware Application Maturity The ODCA describe the [...]
CBPN Insight Using existing management best practices notably Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints, any organization can systemically apply new ‘DevOps’ software practices to [...]
The Milton Keynes MK:Smart project, their Smart City initiative, is a world leading case study that others can learn from. Smart City Platform – Innovation Ecosystem [...]
Cloud Native primarily represents the fusion of two core technical architecture and organizational design concepts: Microservices and DevOps. The Rise of Cloud Native It also means [...]
John Donovan leads the Domain 2.0 initiative for AT&T, and in this video describes their work with and vision for OpenStack. He sets the scene [...]
DCAE – Real-Time Analytics and Cloud Management Another of the main foundations of the AT&T Domain 2.0 program is the ‘DCAE’ framework: Data Collection, Analytics and Events. [...]
The primary reference backbone for our NFVaaS Roadmap is the technical standards work from ETSI, most notably ‘MANO‘, which specifies how telcos can implement Cloud Native [...]
The entire technical design for a digital-enabled smart city is a reference architecture that’s available from a number of expert industry sources. For example an architecture [...]