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Like every one I am updating my terminology to reflect the shift that occurred – Business and technical executives immediately get that when combined with a world of smart, connected devices then Cloud computing only makes more sense. We have entered an age where IoT Cloud Compu... (more)
One of the most powerful aspects of the Internet of Things is the process of synthesis it achieves; it provides a mental model for people to associate and relate a number of different technologies under one umbrella concept and trend. Therefore one early quick win is a simple ta... (more)
Most of the ‘Top 50 of the Cloud industry’ type lists tend to, understandably, be dominated by the USA tech sector, so with our focus on Cloud for Europe, I thought it would be fun to start a purely European list: The EuroCloud Top 10! (to be expanded to 20, 50&hellip... (more)
Here is the first version of our new white paper : Cloud for Europe. Background Cloud for Europe is headlined by the EU research investment program, chartered by industry consortia and being driven by procurement initiatives. The EU Cloud Strategy is introduced here, including de... (more)
Here is the case study of how I have been using Document Leads to generate hundreds of interested new contacts from our ongoing white paper marketing. Download: Finding Success Through Content Marketing The post Finding Success Through Content Marketing appeared first on Cloud Co... (more)
The EU recently published a significant document marking their ambitions and plans to become a world leader in the field of Cloud Computing, their Trusted Cloud Europe program. This features a white paper as the backbone to the program, a document which calls for a Cloud best pr... (more)
For me the most fascinating aspect of the Cloud trend was not so much the technology or suppliers like Amazon, but rather an associated focus on innovation that grew among the CIO community, and as a subset of this the role public sector CIO’s can play in driving economic i... (more)
The UK government is starting to plan the evolution of their G-Cloud (Government Cloud) initiative. In essence the current implementation is basically an ‘e-commerce store for Government Cloud IT services’. The Cloud Store is just that, the logical first step of a si... (more)
We will be organizing a Cloud research program to meet the requirements for Cloud computing described in the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding program. It’s a very complex body of knowledge and so we’ll be using various apps and documents, starting with this: CBPN &ndas... (more)
The changing regulatory and compliance environment around data privacy necessitate improved methods of protecting sensitive information sent to the cloud. Encryption is one strategy cloud service providers use to protect enterprise cloud data from cybercriminals and any unauthori... (more)
Everything about our working lives is being virtualized, not just IT applications for hosting in the Cloud. We’re all migrating to the Cloud in some form or another, aka ‘The Future of Work‘. What’s Your Crowd Rating? To see the nature of how work is trans... (more)
Cranleigh, Surrey – +13 March 2014 – With the government’s “open source procurement” mandate already in place, where public sector organisations have to demonstrate that they have included open source choices within their procurement activities, Me... (more)
One of the first Cloud applications I recommend for any business is Google Apps, it’s such a swiss army knife of an application set that you will immediately make practical use of it, and continue to find many more ways after that too. However it does suffer from a few mis... (more)
One of the most significant product and platform wars we’ll see is the race for the ‘operating system’ of the Internet of Things. I.e. All these connected devices, the smart fridge that re-orders your groceries et al, need software running there to make this anal... (more)
We have started a series of activities for new startup ventures, with a headline theme that now is an ideal time for them to become a ‘Digital Disruptor’, to harness new technology in such a way they create an entirely new business model that obviates their competitio... (more)
Probably the most impactful way to describe the potential and impact of Cloud Identity technologies and the IRM concept (Identity Relationship Management) is through starting to look at how these trends will modernize the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). A while back I propo... (more)
Although Cloud hosting has been a massive boom it’s not necessarily a disruptive technology model. Although Amazon is certainly doing it to a much larger scale than ever before, it more represents an ongoing maturity of the simple web hosting we began in the early 90&prime... (more)
As Sarah Frier writes on Bloomberg the recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp will fuel a series of follow on acquisitions, the ideal feeding frenzy for savvy entrepreneurs. These opportunities provide the ideal context for the best elevator pitch for Cloud Computing. Basic... (more)
Read our latest white paper presentation: Global G-Cloud Innovation. Harnessing Open Innovation The headline theme is how G-Cloud (Government Cloud) design is not only just about more cost-efficient approaches to the mundane aspects of data centre computing, but can address the fu... (more)
We have published a new white paper ‘Cloud Identity as a Service’. You can register to download here. Identity as a platform for Digital Government maturity As you will see Identity as a Service goes far beyond simply providing single sign-on authentication type functi... (more)
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