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The Next Innovation Wave Rises what Tony Fadell, the man credited with developing the iPod, calls a supercycle of innovation. It used to be that the government or a large company would fund a breakthrough in hardware, and the rest of the tech industry would spend years developin... (more)
A key development for the Internet of Things will be the evolution and emergence of the ‘Cloud Name System’, a directory system for Cloud applications in the same way DNS (Domain Name System) works for the web and email. Lori MacVittie wrote a while back about the need for an ‘S... (more)
Here is my first blog, hopefully showing my Social Author Bio ... (more)
CBPN Experts can  post blogs ... (more)
As part of our new site launch we will also be starting a new video content series ‘Meet the Digital CIO’. Under a headline theme of ‘Transformation @ Work’ this will explore the full range of challenges, including culture, personnel and skills, as well as the technology aspects... (more)
In addition to our new blog we will also shortly be launching an e-learning community, where experts can create courses, tests, assignments and pass certifications. The Cloud industry is made up of numerous different subject matter areas: Backup and Disaster Recovery & High Avail... (more)
The best thing about life is that if you get fed up looking at the painting you have been working on for ages, is you can just rip that page off and start afresh! ... (more)
Cranleigh, Surrey – 24 June 2014 – Leading SME supplier to the G-Cloud project, Memset have today revealed that they have achieved Pan Government Accreditation to Impact Level 3 (PGA IL3). Memset is now one of a select few holding the highest level of accreditation fo... (more)
Our new Digital Government best practices knowledge network site is now live, and my favourite case study is this early OIX pilot for South Yorkshire. Not only is it the early seeds of a whole new Identity ecosystem, a radical transformation of app design and so forth, but also a ... (more)
The dual purpose of our upcoming London event is to showcase international G-Cloud best practices AND also share some related investment opportunities. To help accelerate some of these opportunities the other step is to theme the event to best describe the market opportunity. In t... (more)
MCLEAN, Va. – June 4, 2014 – Perspecsys, the leader in enterprise cloud data protection, announced today that it received a written ruling from the U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) confirming that technical data secured usi... (more)
In key citizen scenarios like E-Health the emergence of “DIY IT” (Do It Yourself) technologies is a key trend changing how, where and why IT can be used. The popularity of app stores and online stores in general since Napster through iTunes or Google Play has empower... (more)
Of the countless industries using ERP software today, four stand out as benefiting the most from its versatility and functionality. Retail, manufacturing, farming, and real estate management all require a customizable, streamlined management software that can collect and manage ... (more)
The next main phase for the Cloud Best Practices Network is for it to become a ‘Virtual University’, meaning a provider of online e-learning courses and issuer of associated ‘Digital Badge‘ certificates. The curriculum will be organized in a bottom up and t... (more)
Our Cloud for Europe white paper is now underway and documenting EU Cloud best practices. Highlighting the challenges is this press release from Perspecsys, showing the distrust many European ICT managers feel towards USA-based Clouds. – Sixty-two percent of respondents be... (more)
One of our next upcoming white papers is Openstack Solution Ecosystem. Openstack Solutions Openstack is an open source Cloud platform that vendors augment with additional plug-in products and value add services, and the goal of this white paper is to showcase what is currently ava... (more)
Our site has been upgraded to generate ‘digital badges‘, a core mechanic that will facilitate our overall strategy of evolving to become a “virtual university” for e-learning the required skills to adopt Cloud computing. Naturally our courses will be buil... (more)
Like most of the tech world I recently shifted my core focus to be headlined around the Next Big Thing, the “IoT” – Internet of Things. Why? For the same reasons I specialized in Cloud, and before that SaaS and before that ASPs and web hosting. Ie. a continuing e... (more)
Earlier today I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to chair this webinar from SecureKey, on ‘BYOC’ – Bring Your Own Credentials. With inputs from PwC and the Government of Canada, SecureKey explained how their Identity platform is enabling citizens to lo... (more)
The UK’s Digital Government program is such a great leadership example, because not only are they pioneering the G-Cloud store, a service catalogue for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS suppliers, but also they are defining ‘Agile Procurement’ practices too. Since the G-Cloud project was alig... (more)
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